Reflections From A Pair Of Summit Volunteers

2015-06-09 17:12:23.000 – Ruth Innes & Martha Seymour, Summit Volunteers


People may wonder why one would want to spend a week on the top of the highest mountain in the northeast. Certainly a visit of a few hours makes sense, but why a week? The weather is often cloudy, cold, wet, and windy, with a few days of sunshine and calm. I have had people ask all sorts of questions about what we do as a volunteer with the Mt. Washington Observatory. Questions range from: “Do you get altitude sickness?” to: “Aren’t you bored after a day?” The answer is “No!” The weather is constantly changing which makes every day different; the opportunities to hike and explore the area are endless; and the option to learn all you will ever need to know about the weather is ever present with the outstanding staff of the Mount Washington Observatory.

As a volunteer, one has the opportunity to prepare your favorite recipes and/or experiment with new cooking ideas. The staff never hesitates to try new concoctions and they are enthusiastic about every meal.

summit dinner table with the nights meal
A few highlights of the past week were: Hiking to the Alpine Gardens at just the right time to see the flowers in full bloom, viewing spectacular sunsets (and sunrises if you get up!), hiking to the Lakes of the Clouds AMC Hut, watching the clouds roll in and out…and MOST importantly, enjoying a full week with awesome people.,br>

above the clouds
If you want an experience that is out off the beaten path be a volunteer volunteer at the Mount Washington Observatory…By the way hiking is not a prerequisite – But being a positive, fun loving inquisitive person is!


Ruth Innes & Martha Seymour, Summit Volunteers

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