2011-07-18 21:57:23.000 – Erin Diveny,  Summit Museum Supervisor

My first observatory tour back in 2005

As I enter my 5th shift week working here at the summit I started thinking about how I got here. So many people each day in the museum say “wow you have such an amazing job” or “how did you get this job?” That reminded me of my history with the Observatory. My Mom and Dad used to tell me stories about them climbing Mt. Washington before I was born and I always remember my Dad wearing his “this body climb Mt. Washington” shirt (one of the observatory’s famous shirts!). My Dad had been a member for years and back in 2005 I came for my first observatory tour (as pictured with Ken giving me the tour). While talking to Ken that day I was convinced that I was going to become a meteorologist and become an intern…well I ended not going that route but I still wanted to do something for the observatory. After that visit I kept visiting almost every year and even got some of my friends to become members. I also hiked up the mountain with my Dad and earned my very own “this body climbed Mt. Washington” shirt!

I ended up putting in for a volunteer week last fall for May of this year. One day just weeks before I was supposed to volunteer I happened to check the jobs on the website and saw the museum supervisor position. I decided to go out on a limb and apply and I was overjoyed to be offered the position! It feels so good to be able to be up here now at a place I admire for so long. (And although I couldn’t do my volunteer week I’m excited to be a volunteer in winter!)

For anyone out there who’s thought of becoming a member you should consider it! You never know where it will bring you! We depend on our members to support us! Remember that once you become a member you can get tours of the observatory and have the opportunity to volunteer up here for a week! Also don’t forget Seek-the-Peak is only days away! This is our big hike-a-thon fundraiser! You can still register online and donate!

See you all Saturday!


Erin Diveny,  Summit Museum Supervisor

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