Satisfying Start to a Shift

2010-08-20 20:58:30.000 – Rebecca Scholand,  Summit Intern

Marty at Sunset

Driving up the mountain Wednesday morning I wondered what this week might have in store for my last shift as a summer intern. So far I have not been disappointed, but rather elated with the weather, views, and good times there have been. In the few short days I have been here this shift a lot has been going on.

Arriving Wednesday I immediately jumped into my role as tour guide as I had three back to back tours. Weather wise through intermittent fog a cap cloud formed over Mount Jefferson and I was able to capture a good picture.

Thursday morning I woke to patchy fog in the valley. Clear skies in the morning made for a very well defined mountain shadow off to the west. As the day progressed it remained very clear with visibilities around 100 miles and light wind. A great day for aviators to circle the summit cone. The wind was so calm that as the soot from the steam powered cog rose up from just below view it almost looked like the mountain was burning. Marty even enjoyed some outdoor grooming. Late morning I connected live to the Weather Discovery Center, officially making it my second Live from the Rockpile as Hanna and Brian have typically done them on our shift. Right around the same time our overnight EduTrip group arrived and quickly set out on a hike on such a beautiful day. Back on the summit I shadowed hourly observations and observed some distant wave clouds with a slight lenticular form, a building towering cumulous cloud, a faint glimpse of the moon over a layer of clouds, and a very cool wave cloud. Around sunset we all ventured outside and although it was not the greatest sunset I have seen it was still very pretty. The next surprise was getting to see anticrepuscular rays. It was a great end to a great day.

This morning brought about a whole new array of things to see. Upon waking up we were in the fog but started to clear. Below us was a sea of clouds . The undercast was amazing. With the high winds the clouds seemed to flow like water. The intermittent fog also provided a unique opportunity. I was able to get some good pictures of a fogbow . It is a seen when the particle size of the suspended water is so small that they do not reflect or refract the light. Instead the light is diffracted and therefore all the color disappears. The high winds also allowed some fun for the EduTrippers to walk around on the deck. To top off the day the sunset just before dinner tonight had great color. The sun through the fog was a brilliant red . I can’t think of a better view to end the day with. I am excited to see what tomorrow will bring.


Rebecca Scholand,  Summit Intern

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