Server Upgrade

2009-01-25 17:48:06.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer


For the past couple of shifts I’ve been working on upgrading the operating system on our main database server located here on the summit. This server stores all the data collected by the various weather instruments as well as records all our observations, comments, forecasts and so on. It was running a really old version of Linux which would not support the latest versions of MySQL (our database application) and PHP (our main internal programming language). Over the years our data collection system has grow and expanded considerably and now relies on many interrelated programs and links between the various servers here on the summit and down in the valley.

Luckily I had access to a spare server on which to load the new operating system (CentOS), copy over the database and configure the necessary files. After much testing and nail biting we swapped the server out this afternoon and so far, touch wood, the upgrade appears to be working. The only glitch so far affected the Web CAMs which didn’t update for a couple of hours this afternoon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything keeps working through the night.


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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