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2011-10-27 18:39:33.000 – David Narkewicz,  Summit Intern


This week is the first shift of the season that I did not pack my shorts. There is a good reason for that. Temperatures have been and are going to continue to be well below freezing. That being said, it is time for us on the summit to bundle up whenever we go outside. With these constant cold temperatures it is essential to wear many layers when working outside for our health and safety. This includes a hat, goggles, facemask, coat, gloves, winter pants, and warm boots. Even if the outside task is small, I am always going to take the extra time to put my layers on to keep my body healthy.

Currently the temperatures have been dropping and are forecasted to hit the single digits overnight. This drop in temperature is due to a high pressure system moving in from the North. This system is bringing a dry cool Canadian air mass. The dry air is expected to partly clear the summits throughout the day tomorrow. I am expecting to see some picturesque views. Even though the views will be awesome, winds are expected to pick up greatly. With the cold temperatures and high gusts wind chills are going to plummet well below zero. This is just a precursor to the extreme low temperatures that I will experience in the upcoming months.

Most areas in the Northeast experienced some traces of snowfall today. Currently the models have projected more snowfall through the Northeast tonight and tomorrow. This high pressure moving in is keeping the summits out of the snowfall range. Personally I am hoping the high pressure does not travel as far south as it is forecasted and Mount Washington experiences the snowfall the Northeast is expecting. Only time will tell which occurs.


David Narkewicz,  Summit Intern

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