2012-02-26 17:42:34.000 – Steve Welsh,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist


The Rockpile has experienced very wintry conditions this past weekend. With nearly a foot of new snow falling, although most of it has flown into the surrounding ravines thanks to the strong winds that peaked at 111 mph early this morning. Yesterday we saw almost constant white out conditions with dense freezing fog coupled with abundant blowing snow. Today, as high pressure took control, we experienced a much pleasanter day with blue skies and 130 mile visibility, however, with temperatures still below zero and high winds it certainly hasn’t been a day for lingering outside.

For anyone visiting the area this coming vacation week I’d like to mention that the Mount Washington Observatory’s Weather Discovery Center, located on Main Street in North Conway, is open to the public from 10am to 5pm every day. Admission is free and there are several interactive exhibits plus lots of information about the observatory.


Steve Welsh,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

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