Snowy Conditions to Come

2011-10-14 18:08:08.000 – David Narkewicz,  Summit Intern


Currently I am at the half way point of my internship. So far it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have learned and experienced various aspects of the summits in the past two months. Coming into this experience I had never traveled to the White Mountains before. I did not know the breath taking views they produce. So far I have seen the greens flourish in the late summer; then transition to the colorful reds, oranges, and yellows of fall foliage. The beautiful views of New England foliage are still occurring but some leaves have already started to fall. I am excited to see the White Mountains new face of winter.

Two shifts ago the summits dropped below freezing for a day and a half. The summit ended up covered in rime and glaze ice and a little bit of snow. Winds rose to around 60 mph. When I went outside it was quite an experience as I slipped and slid across the observation deck in those conditions. Late tonight and into the morning the summits are going to drop below freezing. But this time the winds forecast is 75-90 mph during the day tomorrow. It will be neat to experience just how much a 20 mph difference feels like in high winds. This talk about snowy conditions is getting me ready for the complete transition into winter conditions. As I am an avid skier, talking about snow makes my heart rate accelerate. I am very eager to hit the slopes once the Resorts are snow covered. The snowy conditions up here are just a precursor to Resorts seeing snowfall and opening in the near future. Feel free to track our Current Conditions and the Observation Deck Webcam as Mount Washington freezes over tonight and tomorrow.


David Narkewicz,  Summit Intern

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