Spring is in the Air

2011-05-01 18:52:14.000 – Rebecca Scholand,  Summit Intern

Marty likes the weather

It is a beautiful day on the summit. The sun is out, the sky is clear, the winds are light, and it is warm. It is welcomed change on the summit and it seems everyone is taking advantage of it. Not only where there many hikers visiting but myself, Brian, Mike, and even Marty have been enjoying the weather. Earlier I walked down the Mother-In-Law turn to grab some pictures of Airplane Gully. I wanted to make a panorama and it turned out ok. Not quite what I was looking for but still cool nonetheless. Even though I only went out for about 30 min and walked down the road it was still so refreshing. The fresh air was so wonderful and clean. It was warm even in a t-shirt but had just enough of a breeze to keep me cool.Marty’s experience outside also very exciting. He had gone outside for a few short minutes earlier in the week but just to look things over. Today however he was ready to frolic and run around. Marty rolled around everywhere he went constantly taking in the smells. He explored the whole summit and checked on some of his favorite scenic vistas. To end his romp on the summit he visited one of his scratching posts and ripped it up. I think Marty is excited winter is coming to end on the summit. He even visited one of his favorite scratching posts. The rest of us on the summit all took some time to enjoy the light winds and brought the grill out for some hot dogs. It was so great to smell them when you came out the tower door. There is nothing I enjoy more than hot dogs on the grill. We all must have stood out on the deck for close to an hour and just soaked in the views. Its days like today that make spring awesome. I just hope tomorrow is a nice as today.


Rebecca Scholand,  Summit Intern

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