Stephen Rosenman 8-5-11

2011-08-05 17:58:44.000 – Stephen Rosenman,  Summit Intern


For Mount Washington standards, you cannot have any complaints about the weather the past couple days. We have been continuing the trend of in and out of the clouds under partly/mostly cloudy skies with super calm winds. This has provided some ideal hiking weather with temperatures hanging in the mid-50’s during the daytime. We have also been able to see more than just bright white when we look out the weather room windows, which has definitely made the days more pleasant. Yesterday, I took off on a trail run down the north side of the mountain just before dinner and was treated to some great views lower down. While the summit was engulfed in the clouds for the better part of the afternoon, just a mile or so down the Gulfside Trail I ‘had’ to take a break to soak in the beautiful views out to the west with some nice crepuscular rays in the foreground.

But it is not the daytime weather that has been so special since we got up here on Wednesday. While the skies have been pretty cloudy during the day, both Wednesday night and last night the skies cleared right around bedtime and gave way to a magnificent display of stars. Even though I have been up here for a number of these nights throughout the summer, I continue to be in awe of how many stars appear after letting my eyes adjust for just a few moments to the complete darkness. It is definitely a treat living up here that many people do not have the fortune of experiencing at home. This past off week I was visiting some friends in New York City and walked up on the roof of an apartment once it was dark out. Unfortunately, it was not quite the display I was hoping for. Due to all the light pollution, it was only possible to make out a handful of the brightest stars; nothing like the sight from up in the mountains. It seems to be clearing a bit out there now, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for another amazing starlit sky.


Stephen Rosenman,  Summit Intern

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