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2008-06-21 20:18:17.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

Bridge over the West Branch of the Peabody River,

As some of you may know this is my last day, on this shift, at the Mount Washington Observatory. By the time you read this, I will have hiked down to the valley, via the Great Gulf Trail. Hopefully I will have gotten to see some of the mountain flora and fine views on the way and won’t have gotten too wet from any passing showers. I won’t be away for long though as, come Wednesday, I’ll be heading back up with the other shift.

It will certainly be quite a change given that I’ve worked very closely with Brian and Ryan since last October. As you can imagine each shift tends to form very close links living and working in such a confined isolated location. Over time we have developed a very smooth working schedule where everyone knows each others strengths, weaknesses and habits. All in all it’s been a great learning experience for me as well as a lot of fun.

One of the disadvantages of the current system is that we really don’t get to know our colleagues on the opposite shift very well. The only time we meet is each Wednesday, for a few brief hours, during the hand over meetings. So while part of me is regretting having to leave this shift I’m also really looking forward to getting to know Stacey and Mike better.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brian and Ryan for their support and help over the past nine months.

See you all next Wednesday.


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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