Strange Sounds

2008-01-20 19:31:26.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

Winter View of The Summit

The building has been making some strange sounds today. Rather than the usual wind induced rumble we have been hearing cracks and thuds as the metal support beams and steel reinforced concrete contracts in the cold Arctic air mass that moved in overnight. Some of the cracks have been quite impressive and really make you wonder what kind of stresses the beams are experiencing. Some of the thuds make you wonder if the beams are about to give up and come crashing down!

Today has been downright cold and breezy with the temperature hanging right around minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit and the winds gusting up to 90 mph. The morning started off with snow and freezing fog but later the sun put in an appearance. The afternoon was spent popping in and out of a “cap” cloud which decided to sit on top of us. The views, as ever, were exceptional and always changing.

A raven flew by this morning – presumably it was moving to a different valley in search of carrion or perhaps it was just sight seeing? During the past week we have seen, on several occasions, two foxes. The regular fox now seems to have a smaller companion in tow. The smaller fox seems quite a bit shyer and stays further back from the building. Maybe next year we’ll have a whole pack?

So it’s nearly dinner time and time for me to wrap this up. Until next time.


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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