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2015-08-29 13:21:46.000 – Andrew Henry, Summit Intern


This is my first week working as an intern at the Observatory. So far it has been the experience of a lifetime. I had previously only been above tree line twice, once many years ago on a hiking trip in VT and for my interview with the Observatory about 4 weeks ago. Upon my arrival on Wednesday the summit was in the clouds. Thursday morning the clouds broke briefly providing me with my first glimpse of the breathtaking views the summit has to offer.
In between the clouds
 We quickly returned to being in the clouds and remained in the clouds until Friday morning. When the clouds broke mid-morning we were greeted by a beautiful sea of undercast.
A view with undercast
The remainder of the day was very beautiful with abundant sunshine and light winds. I hiked around the summit with a fellow intern and observer at sunset.
Looking west at sunset
 I have seen many sunrises in my life but I must say, watching the sunrise this morning from the tallest peak in the Northeast was pretty extraordinary!
Looking east at sunrise
I have already been able to experience some of the daily work that goes on at the summit ranging from giving tours to members of the Observatory to forecasting for local radio broadcasts and I’m loving every second of it.


Andrew Henry, Summit Intern

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