Summit Scratching Post

2011-07-05 13:38:27.000 – Julie & Daniel Cross,  Summit Volunteers

Marty Sharpens His Claws

I’ve had an amazing week at 6288 feet. It’s been a rare privilege to get to know the observers and learn about the important work they do. Especially interesting to me is the mix of traditional and new technologies that the observers seamlessly blend to gather weather and climate data. We had clear skies the night of the 4th of July, enabling us to see fireworks displays from all over the surrounding towns. I hope to return often to enjoy the mountains. I am very happy to be a member of the Mount Washington Observatory and look forward to my next volunteer opportunity at the summit.

-Volunteer Daniel Cross

I arrived almost a week ago, never having been to Mt. Washington, hoping I could handle the car ride up the Auto Road, and now, I feel almost at home up here and will miss this place dearly. See, I am terribly afraid of heights, and a little claustrophobic, but I have to say all of my worrying was for nothing. On days where we were fogged in, I spent time inside cooking, cleaning, or organizing, or playing cards. On days where the weather was great, I spent the time outside, overwhelmed by the beauty and fresh air to the point where I really enjoyed the expansive views. The crew up here has been a pleasure-they happily ate anything we cooked. I guess the summary here is—this has been a wonderful week, and if you are looking for an amazing, rewarding experience, please consider becoming a MWO member and summit volunteer.

-Volunteer Julie Cross

And, speaking of being at home on the mountain, we leave you with (possibly?) the world’s tallest scratching post!


Julie & Daniel Cross,  Summit Volunteers

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