Suprise sunshine…

2006-08-04 09:19:50.000 – Dan Huber,  Chief Purveyor Of Adjectives

Last rays on the deck…

Mount Washington weather had another surprise in store for us yesterday. The station had been mired in a fog with a chowder-like consistency since the crew arrived on Wednesday. Visibility had been measured in feet with high winds and drizzle. We had just finished a discussion late yesterday afternoon on how confident we were that we would remain in the fog until the next day, much to the dismay of our Summer Seminar guests. However, moments later, the sun began to burn through the fog and fleeting patches of blue sky flickered in and out of view. Several minutes later, the fog had completely cleared out revealing a cacophony of cloud layers and types, which led to a stampede of Seminar guests charging up the stairs to admire the unexpected and stunning sunset.

Lenticular clouds bubbled off to our west while tendrils of fog meandered in the valleys and over the Mount Clay col. Several neighboring peaks remained blind the surrounding splendor as the fog gamely lingered in some locations. Our guests had remained confident of a clear sunset, and Mount Washington again delivered against our expectations. The day’s final rays of light indiscriminately bathed valley locales and summit alike.


Dan Huber,  Chief Purveyor Of Adjectives

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