Taking Advantage of Todays Weather

2013-06-06 16:26:36.000 – Cyrena Briede,  Director of Summit Operations

IT Manager, Pete, working on the tower today.

During our weekly weather briefing at shift change yesterday, we discussed the forecast and knew Wednesday was likely going to be the best day the upcoming shift saw all week. Clouds and precipitation were going to move in on Thursday, hang around for the weekend, and conditions were to improve again at the end of the shift.

As much as we like the extreme weather and high winds, we also like the occasional nice calm days to get installs and repairs done around the summit. So far the precipitation is holding off, the wind is relatively calm, which makes today a gift. Right now our IT Manager, Pete, and IT Observer, Roger, are working hard on improving our mesonet radio connections. “Winter” lasts more than just 3 months for us up here and it takes its toll on all of our equipment. With our short repair season in full swing, these additional nice days are great times to replace or rerun cables, weld, or upgrade equipment.

Like us, I hope you too are taking advantage of today before the rain moves in!


Cyrena Briede,  Director of Summit Operations

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