Tapes and Carhartts

2008-06-27 05:26:33.000 – Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

Tapes and Carhartts

Life here on the summit has been rather grey as of late. Grey and wet. For much of my time awake, as I am working nights, this grey turns more to a thick black. On nights such as this, observations take roughly 30 seconds and really aren’t terribly interesting. This gives me time to do some programming while listening to some fine music. Chris gave me a bunch of cassette tapes for Christmas to play in my car, but I unfortunately left the window open and frost formed on the inside of the windshield. I had to leave quickly so I scrapped the inside, which caused it to snow on my dash display, which soon melted to water, resulting in a now non-functioning tape deck. We happen to have a tape deck here, so I have been listening to these tapes once again – Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks and Desire, as well as Arrested Development, Little Feat, Howlin’ Wolf, and Muddy Waters. I do enjoy listening to this music, and am doing so in some nice, new Carhartts. I generally have two pair – my winter flannel lined pair, and an unlined, double-kneed summer pair. I was given two pair for Christmas by my Mom, but they were the wrong size and it has taken me just about half a year to getting around to exchanging them. By this time, the other ones had grown holes in all the wrong places, especially considering the windy environment I live in up here. So I am quite pleased with these ones…now comes the task of breaking them in. Actually, that’s not true…now comes the task of taking them off. It’s 5:30 and I’m heading to bed to dream of tapes and Carhartts (not to be confused with taped Carhartts…I got rid of those!)


Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

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