2007-11-23 07:59:28.000 – Lynn Metcalf,  Former Summit Lynntern


I was admittedly a bit nervous on Wednesday when I boarded the snowcat for the trip up the rock pile. It wasn’t the ride I was nervous about, or the weather. Wednesday was my first day back to the summit after my internship this summer. What I was truly nervous about was how it would feel to return to the place that was my home for almost three months; this time not as an employee, but as a spectator. Well, spectator is the wrong word, as I have been earning my keep doing plenty of jobs not unlike some I did as an intern. Relief flooded in and my fears were disbanded as I walked into the living quarters and immediately felt as though I was returning home. Sure the weather is different and some of the faces are different, but the atmosphere of the Obs has held steady.

The atmosphere of Thanksgiving was particularly great yesterday. I was so taken with holiday spirit that I was compelled to make a snow-turkey in front of the precip can. Speaking of turkey, our wonderful volunteer KD prepared an amazing spread for our Thanksgiving dinner. I can’t help but remark on the myriad of colors present on our plates. Orange (squash), yellow (corn), green (peas and green beans, the latter of which I abstained from), and red (cranberries); all in addition to the whites and browns of stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and of course turkey! The food was so delicious, Nin wanted in! Nin even got in on the holiday spirit. This excellent meal was followed by amazing pies of the pumpkin and chocolate varieties (thanks Karen!!). I am eagerly looking forward to chomping into leftovers for lunch today (all leftovers, not JUST the pie).

All in all, it’s great to be back here at the observatory. I am so excited to get the chance (even if only briefly) to experience some winter weather! This morning I woke at 6:30 to run around the deck and play in the wind. I managed to catch a glimpse of the sunrise, although nothing substantial. These winter sunrises require imbibing a lot less coffee than the earlier summer ones. Before I sign off and set about my tasks for the day, I shall leave you with the characteristic chipper Lynntern greeting, “Gooooood morning!”


Lynn Metcalf,  Former Summit Lynntern

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