The Beginning of the End

2012-09-26 21:27:54.000 – Brian Clark,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist


The beginning of the end. The first of the last. Call it what you will; today was the start of my last shift working on the summit. I know that it has been mentioned a couple times by others in the Observer Comments over the last month or so, but this is the first time that I’ve personally mentioned it on here. After nearly five and a half years of full-time work on the summit of Mount Washington for the Observatory, my last day will be next Wednesday October 3.

I definitely have a lot of mixed emotions as I get started with my work this evening (I’ll be on nights this week while Ryan is on vacation). The decision to leave was, of course, entirely mine, but there are definitely innumerable things that I will miss about calling the tallest peak in the Northeast ‘my office’. At the same time, I am excited, and admittedly a little anxious, about changes and opportunities I have coming up in my life. More on that as this shift progresses, I’m sure.

Typically, the entire summit crew shares the job of updating these Observer Comments, meaning that each of us writes one or two each shift. This shift though, you will end up hearing from me at least three more times as I share some thoughts about my experiences here, as well as my absolute favorite photos out of the nearly 4,000 that I have taken!


Brian Clark,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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