The Cold Continues…

2014-03-04 22:00:43.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

‘Warm’ light on a cold summit.

The past few days have been cold. If it were January, it wouldn’t be nearly as noticeable, but it is early March, and things are supposed to be gradually getting warmer. Typically on the summit of Mount Washington, March’s daily average temperature starts the month around 9F and ends the month around 18F. However, for the first three days of March, we are averaging 17.8F below zero; with day four likely keeping that average right about the same. While the cold continues short term, looking at the models, there is some hope for milder conditions this weekend; however, looking even further out, the Arctic cold returns for next week. Therefore, for now, the layering of clothing will have to continue with warm thoughts continuing in our minds and warm locations residing on our screen savers.


Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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