The Final

2012-08-11 17:27:56.000 – Emanuel Janisch,  Summit Intern

Cap Clouds over the Northern Presidentials

The reality that my days as an intern here on the summit are numbered, are a sad thought. As I sit here reflecting on the experiences that the observatory has provided me I can only come up with one bad thing and that is that we really only got one good thunderstorm while I was on summit, however the lightning show that lasted for hours made up for the lack of storms the rest of the summer.Not only are the experiences and knowledge I gained here on the summit priceless, but the value of them is tremendous as well. I will be able to carry them with me wherever I go and build off of them. Looking back I feel honored to have been selected to fill one of the internship positions this summer.

Part of what made this experience so valuable was the staff members that I was able to work with. All having a great sense of humor made the work space enjoyable. A coworker with an English accent cracking jokes always makes things funnier. Not being familiar with the White Mountains, Observer Mike, and Samantha the Museum Attendant took me with them on most of their hikes and camping trips, helping me accomplish my goal for the summer of climbing all of the 5 thousand footers. Steve, my fellow intern, was also a great accomplice for all the hikes we did together, as well as a fun and entertaining person get to know and work with though our internship.

I can’t thank only the observers and staff that I was able to work with this summer but I have to say thanks to all the volunteers that worked on this shift also. Not only was their food fantastic, but they also being fit in with our quirky group, as well as shared stories here on the summit.

I will be leaving here on Wednesday with fond memories and great experiences and wish everyone the best for what’s to come.


Emanuel Janisch,  Summit Intern

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

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