THE Kitty’s Summery Thoughts

2013-05-03 15:54:40.000 – Marty,  Summit Cat

Well, Hello!

Summer is nearly here, and I am purrrfectly content!

This week, the observers have begun to make some more preparations for the summer season, but I cannot be bothered with all of that–I have way too much lounging to do.

With the sun shining high in the sky this week, I’ve been able to venture outside every day and search for some flying squirrels. I have to be sure that my claws are sufficiently sharpened for the upcoming season, when I’m sure to see many more of them!

That’s right, all of you adoring fans, its everyone’s favorite Observatory mascot, Marty, begrudgingly writing another comment for those lazy observers! Nope, they cannot accuse me(-ow) of being lethargic anymore, considering how many times I’ve come to the rescue of those observers who seem at a loss purr words so often.

Are you looking forward to the summer season as much as I am? Do you want a chance to catch a glimpse of me in purr-son? Then be sure to visit the summit of Mount Washington this summer! I’m usually out and about when the sun is shining, catchin’ some rays and some mice. Do you think you could spot me amidst the rocks of my Rock Pile Kingdom? Come on up to the summit and give it a try.

If my domain is decidedly doused in the dampness of dense fog, then you’ll have to wander inside to find me. Am I out and about in the State Park Sherman Adams Building? Or, will you have to take a tour of the Observatory to find me slumbering in my indoor domain amongst the observers? You’ll never know with me, so you’ll just have to come visit a few times to try and catch a glimpse of this purrty kitty.

Now it’s time for some nip, some treats, and some pretty kitty sleep.


Marty,  Summit Cat

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