The Only Constant is Change

2014-01-17 18:18:56.000 – Mike Dorfman,  Weather Observer

Lenticular Cloud Over Jefferson

It is quite amazing how quickly the weather can change up here. As I drove up to the base, valley fog was beginning to dissipate, revealing nearly bluebird skies. After reaching the summit under sunny skies, I went to bring my bags down to my room. By the time I got back up to look out the window, we were in the fog. If you want to get a better idea of how quickly we can go from in the clear to in the fog, check out a recent compilation of views from the summit. If you skip forward to 1:02, you can watch as a lenticular cloud over Mt Jefferson explodes and puts the summit in the fog within 30 minutes of forming.

There are some phenomena, such as cap clouds and lenticular clouds, that indicate fog may be rolling in, but one of the best indicators is our higher summits forecast. Hike prepared and visit our website before you venture above tree line.


Mike Dorfman,  Weather Observer

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