The Summit by the Numbers

2013-12-16 16:44:30.000 – Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist


15…the number of days left in our annual year-end giving campaign. To make a donation, head here.

14…inches of snow we received from yesterday’s Nor’easter. 14.3 inches, to be exact.

13…the unlucky Friday, which gave summit staff the chilliest temperatures of the winter to date (-22F).

12…hour shifts, which is the amount of time summit staff members are on duty every day during a shift week.

11…the number of folks that can join us for one wintertime overnight trip! To share in this incredible experience, sign up here.

10…degrees F. Our projected high temperature for tomorrow (Tuesday).

9…the number of Winter Day Trips we’re offering this year. Don’t miss your chance to see the summit during the harsh winter months! Check it out here.

8…days per shift-week for summit staff. We work a unique 8-days on/6-days off schedule.

7…degrees F. Our average daily temperature for Christmas Day on Mount Washington.

6…weather observers, who work to keep our mountaintop weather station functioning.

5…years: the amount of time I’ve personally spent as an observer on Mount Washington.

4…foot snow drifts, which were the result of yesterday’s Nor’easter.

3…main parts of our mission at the Mount Washington Observatory: maintaining our mountaintop weather station, conducting research and educational programs, and interpreting the heritage of the Mount Washington region.

2…the number of forecasts we produce every day for the higher summits of the White Mountains. Check out our forecasts here.

1…summit cat, who goes by the name of Marty.


Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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