Thermoshack Update

2010-08-07 18:45:08.000 – Rebecca Scholand,  Summit Intern

Dry fitting the thermoshack

It is now time for the thermoshack update. This past off week I spent a considerable amount of time working with Wayne in his shop working on the housing. As of now it is completely welded together and painted with primer. Tuesday afternoon Wayne and I took the housing and new thermoshack to the summit to dry fit it in the brackets. It was a perfect fit. All that is left to do is paint and install. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product in use here at the Observatory.

I have also been working in the tower over the past few weeks and now have the cold room walls painted and everything organized. I also have the ladder to the top of the tower ground down and primed. I am now waiting for it to dry so I can paint it safety red. Next I will repaint the concrete floor and the cold room will be checked off the list. Moving down the tower the ladder to the cold room has been stripped of its paint and awaiting primmer. In the remaining time I have here on the summit I have a full work load.


Rebecca Scholand,  Summit Intern

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