Things We Are Thankful For

2014-11-26 06:15:49.000 – Kaitlyn O’Brien, Mike Dorfman, Ryan Knapp, Weather Observers


Every year around this time, everyone reflects on what they are thankful for. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, our shift compiled a list of some of the things we are thankful for, from A-Z:

A – Anemometers, Auto Road, AMC, Adventure, Aurora Borealis
B – Batteries  (Thanks Eaton!)
C – Cats, Celsius, Cog, Clouds, Coffee, Coriolis force
D – Donations, Distance Learning, Dessert
E – Eastern Mountain Sports, Elevation, Extreme Mount Washington Exhibit
F – Fahrenheit, Friends, Family
G – Graupel, Guests, Gift Shop
H – Hikes, Height, Hail
I –  Ice, Instrumentation, Ice cream, Interns
J – Jewell Trail, Jumping Jacks
K – KH waves, Kaleidoscopes
L – Lightning storms, Laughter, Lichen
M – Members, Marty, Mountains, Meteorological models
N – Nipher screen, Night observers
O – Oscillations, Ocean view
P – Pressure, Pitot tube, Perfect forecasts
Q – Quasi-geostrophic equation
R – Rime, Radios
S – Selfies, State Park, Snow, Sleep, SkiNH
T – Thermometers, Temperature, Thermodynamics, Tourists
U – Undulatus Asperatus clouds
V – Vasque, Volunteers, Vacations, Visitors, Valley staff
W – Webcams, Winter, Weather Observers, Wind
X – X band (radar frequency), Xenon
Y – Yanai waves
Z – Zonal flow, Zulu time

We wish all of our fans a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Kaitlyn O’Brien, Mike Dorfman, Ryan Knapp, Weather Observers

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