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2007-02-20 17:04:26.000 – Barbara McKeon,  Summit Volunteer

More blowing snow…

The world on top of Mt. Washington is certainly a different one from mine at home. Volunteers work one week shifts just like the crew does. Our shift began last Wednesday (the day of the big blizzard) but I didn’t arrive on the summit until Sunday when my February school vacation began. My husband and his brother came up for the first half of the week. They were very busy first cleaning and then cooking for the crew and and Edu. Trip and helping when the primary wind speed recorder froze up and they had to go out in 125 mph. winds to record the the wind speed. I am not sad I missed that part of the job. I would have been no help at all!.

By the time I arrived and my brother-in-law left on Sunday things were back to normal. As a matter of fact it was down right balmy by summit standards with only 30 mph. winds and temperatures above zero. Yesterday was sunny and clear but much colder and winder than Sunday. It was definitely worth the effort of putting on lots of layers, crampons etc, etc. to go out and wander around. The summit is beautiful in winter and gives a non-mountain climber like me an idea of what winter climbers experience and why they do it but oh it is soooo nice to go back inside the snug and warm observatory.

Last night was great night here. First we had a beautiful sunset and then we served dinner to a group of L.L. Bean employees who had hiked up for their annual night stay at the observatory. I was much more in my element feeding 12 and actually felt like I was finally earning my keep.After dinner one of the hikers played the guitar and sang. Fun for all of us.

Today is an easy day. Not great weather but not horrible. My husband and the crew plan to check out the skiing in the snow fields. I am going to stay at the Observatory and keep Nin company- a tough job but someone has to do it.


Barbara McKeon,  Summit Volunteer

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