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2007-10-04 17:08:00.000 – Stacey Kawecki,  Observer

Fall Foliage

I was able to code “SKC” for my very first time today. That means that during one of my hourly observations, I observed not a single cloud in the sky. I am beginning my third month up on the summit, that might give you an idea of how rarely this actually occurs. With clear skies, and visibility at about 75 miles, all of us are provided with a fantastic view of the valleys and the fall foliage.

Last week, I began to read a book, Mount Washington Reoccupied, written by Robert S. Monahan. This is Mr. Monahan’s personal account of Mount Washington Observatory’s first operational winter. It has been an invigorating and enlightening read. So far, I’ve only read up to the first Christmas, but similarities between now and then exist. For example, much like today, the initial start up of the Observatory was dependent upon volunteerism, donations, hard work, and avid public interest. They utilized the Auto Road for their supplies, had constant hiking visitors and driving visitors, and even had to worry about which instrument might break next. Some days they were unable to work on “outside” tasks, and had to perform inside duties, like oiling the floor, and installing insulation. When writing of the Auto Road, he mentions Cow Pasture and Stone Crusher. Also, the relationship between the Observatory and the AMC huts has been strong throughout the entire run of the Observatory. I look forward to finishing this book, and finding out how their winter progressed.

It truly is a wonderful feeling to know that I am part of something that has been ongoing for 75 years. It’s amazing that, as I begin my first winter up here, I can read about the first official winter of the Mount Washington Observatory.


Stacey Kawecki,  Observer

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