Tin Whistles and Clear Skies

2008-02-21 14:16:56.000 – Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

A Singing Cat?

So, we’ve finally cleared out of the fog. Looking at the ravine web cam this morning, we could see only one cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, it was positioned on top of us like a hat. A few hours ago the wind ushered in a bit of drier air and blew the hat right off our summit. It’s always interesting to go from seeing 300 feet to nearly 100 miles in just a few minutes.

And now for something completely different!Dog is to harmonica as cat is to what…Moving on…

Marty has been an entertaining kitten as well today. Ryan and I have been playing around with our tin whistles – we’re not very good right now, but I’m sure in the time of a couple months, it will make its way into an ObsCast. Anyway, Ryan was playing and all of a sudden Marty walks up to him and meows right in key, just like he was singing. I’ve had dogs howl along with me when I play harmonica before, but never a cat. Apparently cat’s meow in the key of D. From my experience, a dog is most likely to howl in the key of A.

…and if you answered tin whistle, you are correct!


Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

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