Tuckerman Hike

2009-07-06 16:17:01.000 – Hedda Peterson,  Summit Intern

Summer time at Tuckerman Ravine

This week has been a busy one! Alex and I were assigned the dreaded task of cleaning out the bottom of the weather tower. This required moving all recycling bins and wooden platforms outside and using a shop-vacuum to remove about 3 inches of water. Since then we have given several tours and sorted numerous historic weather records.

Yesterday evening we were able to catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunset, turning the mountains to the north bright red, as those behind us took on many shades of blue and purple, with a nearly full moon overhead.

This morning I was eager to get out for a hike. Dennis, our volunteer for this week, and I set out towards Tuckerman Ravine and down to the Alpine Garden. Having only visited Tuckerman Ravine in the early spring for some skiing, it was barely recognizable. A few small snow patches remain.

Tonight we will be having breakfast for dinner! Dennis has been kind enough to fix me up the strawberry pancakes I requested!


Hedda Peterson,  Summit Intern

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