Twas the Night Before Seek

2012-07-20 18:38:51.000 – Adam Brainard,  Summit Intern

Seek the Peak is Tomorrow!

Twas the night before Seek and across the great peak
the day shift was quiet and soon fast-asleep.

The instruments were hung very safe in their nooks
ready for guests with inquisitive looks.

Volunteers still baked, their brows covered in sweat;
the hunger of Seekers will certainly be met.

Marty was active chasing mice after dark;
tomorrow he may decide to sleep with State Park.

The night watch stood ready for any change in the weather;
but he predicts little change, which is news all the better.

The air was quiet, the wind void of spikes
which will provide our hikers a great morn to hike.

Many stars shone bright, with few clouds around
promising a nice day with great views to be found.

So the Observatory stands, ready for a great crowd
all of whom we will be very, very proud.

We wish safest travels, and are eager to meet
all those who support us, and give them a treat!


Adam Brainard,  Summit Intern

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