US Rep. Charlie Bass Visits the MWOBS!

2012-02-23 16:49:16.000 – Brian Fitzgerald,  Summit Intern

Observer Steve Welsh shows wind charts to Mr Bass

Today the Observatory played host to our own second congressional district U.S. Representative Charlie Bass. Battling through some challenging conditions, including falling snow, blowing snow and limited visibility, Mr. Bass and crew made it safely to the summit. Congressman Bass was given a first-hand look at the MWOBS facility after meeting several members of the summit staff and getting to know the day-to-day operations here on the Rockpile. After a quick tour MWOBS member and volunteer Hillary Clark provided hot soup and fresh bread for the hungry visitors in the observer living quarters, where naturally, a political discussion blossomed. As a private, non-profit scientific institution, Representative Bass agreed that the MWOBS was the perfect setting for expanded climate research and discussion, where the Observatory’s ever-growing climate data could be put to use as a non-bias source for a dialogue on climate change. Who knows, maybe a congressional delegation could have a summit here (pun fully-intended). Before the discussion could go much further, or cookies could make their way down the table, observers were quick to note rising winds- which unfortunately meant a quick exit for our guests was needed before conditions really deteriorated- such is life on the summit. If you are interested in climate data, current conditions on the summit or are considering supporting the MWOBS with a membership, please visit our site at .


Brian Fitzgerald,  Summit Intern

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