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2011-07-12 15:40:34.000 – Brian T. Allen,  Summit Volunteer

Let the Wookie Win!

I first heard about Mt. Washington from reading Eric Pinder’s book on his time here. I have always been fascinated by heavy weather, so after joining the Observatory in 2010 I applied to be a volunteer. It has been everything I hoped for and more. The very first day I experienced 70+ mph wind gusts. I achieved the summits of 4 of the peaks in the presidential range on two hiking day trips. Cooking for eight was a bit daunting at first but after a couple of days we had a blast coming up with new menu’s for each day. As violent as the weather can be here at the “Rockpile” I found a peace overcome me daily as I gazed upon the summits of the White Mtns. I look forward to volunteering in the winter if the crew will have me back!! Bring on the rime ice!

Observer Footnote: Wednesday night, we kick off this summer’s Science in the Mountains series with an exciting presenter: Chris Lewey of RAVEN Interpretive Programs. At this “White Mountain Ecology” presentation, you’ll find that Chris combines expert knowledge with an infections passion for the White Mountains. So join us Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in the center of North Conway Village at our Weather Discovery Center Museum located at 2779 White Mountain Highway. And the best part: the program is FREE!


Brian T. Allen,  Summit Volunteer

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