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2014-01-20 19:21:13.000 – Neil Lovett,  Summit Volunteer

Sunrise color on the Northern Presidential’s

This is the third time I have volunteered a week at the Mt Washington Observatory. I’ve seen the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets imaginable, I’ve stood in the winds gusting in excess of 100 mph, I’ve hiked to what I consider some of the most beautiful places in the world, and I’ve listened to the people who live here tell incredible tales. I’ve cooked for up to 17 people, improvising what to prepare based on the ingredients available to me at the time (here, there is no running to the grocery store), I’ve taken great photographs and I’ve had time to sit black and digest and write about it all. I change every time I come here.

Yes, instead of coming here I could have taken other vacations, to a warm beach or a beautiful city, but I chose to come here, because living on the summit of Mt Washington, you do just that; you live, you experience, you feel.

Songwriter Thomas Lehrer once said ‘Bad weather. Always looks worse through a window.’ How true, How true!


Neil Lovett,  Summit Volunteer

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