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2008-11-05 09:01:58.000 – Summit Volunteer,  Summit Volunteer


A great big “Howdy” to all of you Mt. Washington Observatory supporters and followers. I am closing in on the end of my volunteer week here on the summit and it has been a gas. Stacey, Steve, Mike, Jordan, Jeff and Marty have made me feel right at home and I know I have made some new fair and foul weather friends. I’ve gotta tell ya, these folks are true professionals. They absolutely love what they do. They truly enjoy taking time to work with the volunteers and embrace their roles as teachers. I have heard not one complaint, grumble or snarl from any of these folks despite being cooped up a whole lot of the time and having to share their quarters with we outsiders. Their shifts are long and demanding but they approach their work with zest and dedication. Thanks to you all.

What a special treat for me to be here while two wonderful young ladies from Russia were visiting the observatory. I have had a great time interacting with Tatiana and Anna, sharing stories and helping them with their English (or more appropriately, them with mine). Anna speaks our difficult language quite well and I am amazed at Tatiana’s progress. The weather has been exciting for me with high winds, sub zero wind chills, sunshine, snow, rime ice and a couple of awesome sunsets. It was so bizarre coming in from outside on Thursday afternoon, after helping change the precip can, looking like a flocked K- Mart Christmas tree, our clothing and goggles iced over from the blowing, freezing fog.

Our hike on Sunday to Lakes of the Clouds was just superb. You could not ask for a better day on the mountain in November. We enjoyed a gorgeous, clear, sunny, windless afternoon topped off with a stunning sunset. We could smell the goulash cooking as we approached the station. We have all eaten like kings this week due to my neighbor Ernie’s culinary prowess. His international themes for dinners have been the talk of the station. I am going to miss the decadence but not the calories. (Nobody knows the truffles I’ve seen.) I gave Ernie the night off and conjured up a big ol’ pot of chili for the gang the other evening.

I hope you will all take some time to appreciate, if not support, the hard work and effort of the staff, interns and volunteers here on the summit. They are a fun yet dedicated bunch. I look forward to my next visit and I hope that Ernie and I have been able to make their lives here a bit more comfortable. I’ll miss you guys and thanks again for helping me check off another adventure on my “bucket list”.

All The Best,



Summit Volunteer,  Summit Volunteer

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