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2008-08-13 07:33:30.000 – Ken Stockwell,  Summit Volunteer

View from the tower when it wasn’t foggy.

My weekend here has drawn to a close — I came up Thursday to help my wife, Maggie, as a Volunteer for the Mount Washington Observatory. Maggie has volunteered in the summer months since 2000 and myself, in all seasons of the year, since the mid 1990’s.

A busy time – a Summer Edu-trip was here Thursday so there was a full house. The rest of the weekend was busy with many members of the Observatory coming through and taking tours of the facility.

My thanks go to the great crew – Stacey, Lisa, Jeff, Deb, Steve, and of course, Marty. It indeed was also a pleasure to have met Dennis, the teacher extern. With such great people, it makes the job of volunteering that much more enjoyable. I look forward to my return to the summit in December – always an interesting place to be in the winter time as one never knows what to expect next as far as the weather is concerned.

The weather has not been the greatest – lots of fog, rain, and cool temperatures. Sunday morning dawned clear but as the day has worn on, the ever present fog has returned.


Ken Stockwell,  Summit Volunteer

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