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2012-05-30 23:28:31.000 – Jan Berriochoa,  Summit Volunteer


Phenomenal week!!

I took this opportunity at the MWO to better understand the area and the weather that the summit encounters. This was an educational experience of a life time and I could not pass up the chance to come up here for a week. Once chores were done I had ample time to watch and learn Ryan, Roger, Chris and Andy at work. Helped in the MWO gift shop and was able to talk daily with the visitors and listening to there stories of how they drove or hiked up the summit. I was excited to follow on a tour who by chance the were both from RI.

What a pleasure it was to share there experience on the tour of the observatory and they commented frequently to me on how knowledgeable Chris and Andy were in answering there questions. Ryan and Roger were very engaging in answering questions.I commend them both in knowing every week they will be undertaking new volunteers. They respectfully addressed concerns about our living quarters and encouraged you to get involved both in the observatory and on the summit.

I found my week to be like a living text book if you will. They say that if you don’t like the weather in New England wait a minute. This stands true on the summit.. The ever changing clouds, fog, wind variations, thunderstorms and the awesome windows of clear sky that randomly appear. All this in a day and it doesn’t get any better than that! As an avid hiker volunteering brought home just how important the work being done here at the observatory is. Despite those who chose not to take heed. Thank you for the privilege to be apart of the MWO for the week.

P.S. See you all at seek the peek!!!!!!!


Jan Berriochoa,  Summit Volunteer

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