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2008-09-02 15:06:22.000 – John Raines,  Summit Volunteer

Holding the famous Marty

In this brief space I would like to make some comments about my week volunteering at the Mount Washington Observatory. I will skip comments about the natural beauty, the sunsets and the awesome power of nature. That is a given and that is what has drawn me back to this place time after time for more years than I wish to tell. Rather, I want to tell you all how impressed I am with the total professionalism of the summit staff, the science they perform on a daily basis, and the educational mission that is fulfilled here daily. The weather observers, Brian and Ryan are on duty during their week-long shifts 24 hours, every day they are up on the summit, year round. Their work ethic is second to none I have seen and their dedication to the missions of the Observatory is unparalleled. Even in the case of bringing on, Mike the new intern, the intensity of his training, and his ability to pick up a share of the workload to the extent of actually guiding tours and welcoming members/visitors.

A special word needs to be said of Sharon, who keeps the gift shop running. She starts early, long before the first trainload of tourists has reached the summit, making sure the store is fully stocked and in pristine condition. She is the personification of excellent customer service and also runs the small museum the Observatory has up here. Any enterprise would be lucky to have a person like her.

Finally, I should also mention the staff from the New Hampshire State Parks system who welcomed us and Walter, the fellow who is both the postmaster and ticket master for the Cog Railway.

Without the hard work and dedication of all these people, my experience would have been far less than the rich learning experience that it has been. I thank all of you!

Oh, and the scenery ain’t too bad either!!


John Raines,  Summit Volunteer

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