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2008-05-13 16:28:49.000 – Summit Volunteer,  Summit Volunteer

View looking north.

While packing my bags for my second volunteering stint at the Obs I was considerably more relaxed than last October. During that stay I had the oppurtunity to experience many of the conditions Matt has explained and shown in his comments. As there was the first snow of the coming winter, 2 days of being in the fog resulting in incredible rime ice and hurricane force winds.

On Tuesday evening my feelings changed and the excitement rose as I headed up Rt 16 and viewed the East Snowfields on the summit. On arriving at the summit Wednesday morning and the comings and goings of shift change the images of the snowfields were pulling me outside. Shortly after the previous week’s volunteers headed down, so did I. I have skied Tucks many times but have never been to the Snowfields and this was the perfect chance under blue skies and light winds. After a couple of runs I was blissfully breathless.

It has been a wonderful week up on the summit. The past 7 days have seen 100 mile views, skiing, a hike over to Mt Clay where I saw the chutes into Great Gulf, another skiing must and the evening meals with a great crew, where we all get to sit down together for the first time all day for dinner, jokes and some fun. Plus, this past Sunday, a glorious day, I took a nap on the rocks outside the Obs while gazing out towards the Northern Presidentials and waiting for a friend to make his way up the Jewell Trail.

So as I get ready to head back down after 8 days on the summit the words of Austin singer/songwriter Jimmy LaFave are with me:

“Every dream or treasure
That you’re hoping to find
It’s out there waiting for you
It’s just a matter of time

Things are changing
They’re rearranging
And to help you on your way
Is this glorious day
This glorious day”

They all really are glorious up here, no matter what the weather.
I hope to be back to experience it again and hope others can too.

Paul Goundrey


Summit Volunteer,  Summit Volunteer

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