Volunteer Notes.

2008-10-12 16:46:15.000 – Steve Hill,  Summit Volunteer

Fall on the summits.

Fall is a wonderful time of year! And one of the best parts of the fall is the week I get to spend on top of Mount Washington, volunteering at the Mount Washington Observatory. I cannot wait to come back next year.

The shift started as it normally does — meeting in the parking lot at the base of the Auto Road. While I knew Ryan and Brian from previous tours on the summit, I had not met Mike or Sharon before. Also, there would be another volunteer on this shift, prior to driving into the parking lot, Steve Yanco and I had only exchanged emails and phone calls.

The van was soon loaded and we were on the way. The fall colors were great and we had great visibility all the way to the summit. The Auto Road was in great shape and they even had the snow stakes in place for winter.

The summit was having one of those “see-for-ever” days. Being from Vermont, I always look to the west for Camel Hump and Mount Mansfield. Both were visible. I am disappointed that the snow is gone. This will be the second year in a row that I have brought my skis and have not been able to use them

Fast forward until today. We are smack dab in the middle of the Columbus Day Weekend. The weather is cooperating and it has been clear all day. I hiked over to Mount Clay this morning. Great views, especially down into Great Gulf. Only one tiny patch of snow left on Mount Clay. When I got back to the Summit, the winds were about 35 mph. Not bad for hiking or taking a stroll on the deck although the wind did siphon some tea out of my cup.

I looked out the OBS window this afternoon and counted 30+ hikers between the summit and Mount Clay. The Cog Railway and Auto Road have been busy. There are enough people in the State Park that seats and table space have been at a premium.

One of the things I enjoy here is cooking for the crew. Tonight I am making chicken and rice casserole. Steve has made a blueberry cake for dessert. There are also a couple of pieces of apple pie left from yesterday.

Brian had to leave yesterday to go do a presentation on Mount Washington’s world record wind. Steve Welsh has come up to replace him. So now we have three Steve’s on this shift. So far there are no confusion problems. We have Observer Steve, New Steve, and me – Old Steve.

From the home of the world’s worst weather, have a great day!


Steve Hill,  Summit Volunteer

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