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2012-09-11 23:10:09.000 – Sharon Camp & Sandy Fisher,  Summit Volunteers

“Variety is the spice of life.” Volunteering for the OBS on the summit of Mt Washington, we have experienced a variety of weather conditions this week from being “in the clouds” to 120 mile visibility with a magnificent sunrise through the rime ice, to winds gusting to 80 mph, as well as our first thunder and lightning storm on the summit.

Thursday, we were blessed to witness the first ever Naturalization Ceremony on the summit as 20 men and women from 14 countries took the Oath to become US citizens on the Observatory Deck.

Saturday, flags were flown on the 48 summits as a memorial to 9/11. Erecting and maintaining the huge flag on the Rockpile was indeed a challenge in the fog and high winds that included the gust to 80 mph. Later that day, heavy rain and an evening lightning storm resulted in canceling the mountaintop festivities of the Sunset Soiree with our pouring of the champagne toast. Instead, we enjoyed watching both the excitement building in the darkened weather room as the meteorologists anticipated the first strikes of lightning, and their love and appreciation of extreme weather.

Observers Steve and Mike have been a constant in our four years of volunteering and it is always good to see their familiar faces when we arrive. It was a pleasure meeting Becca and Samantha and to help initiate Mike in his first days of internship. We only hope Steve will allow us back next year after using up all the peanut butter in Monster Cookies!!

We arrived in the clouds and will be leaving the Rockpile under clear sunny skies. As they say here in NH, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” It has been so true this week but “Variety is the spice of life!”


Sharon Camp & Sandy Fisher,  Summit Volunteers

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