Volunteer Trip #6 – 2020

2020-01-31 13:41:38.000 – Jeffrey Swanson, Summit Volunteer


As my 2020 volunteer trip to the Mount Washington Observatory comes to an end, I am again thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the operations of this organization.
We started our week with a pair of teachers involved with the Artic Wednesday programs. They worked with the observer team on a live presentation to their respective classes. Next, an overnight Edutrip that included a combination of lectures, And finally , we concluded our week with an overnight hiking group. Ira Seskin and I have the task to create complete meals for each of these groups from our .pantry and freezers. Adaptation is key, and we were successful with our creations. In addition, Ira brought along a selection of fish, meats, and vegetables to create an Asian themed banquet to celebrate the Chinese New Year. IT WAS AWESOME!
The week on the summit is also a great opportunity to meet people from around the country, and listen the tales of their excursions to the summit. This year the weather was on the mild side in comparison to my previous trips. In the past,I have experienced 127 mph wind, -17F temps, and observed significant amounts snowfall/ice accumulate, and disappear in a matter of hours on the summit. Combined with the hundreds of photographs that include sunrises, sunsets, undercast clouds, and rime ice formations, there are a vast number of natural events to experience, learn about, and to photograph here on the summit.
Thanks again to Sharon Schilling, Brian Fitzgerald, Will Broussard, Mary Anne Sledzinski, Tom Padham, Ryan Knapp, AJ Grimes, Eve Cinquino, and summit cat Marty for this opportunity.


Jeffrey Swanson, Summit Volunteer

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