Volunteer Week Thoughts

2012-04-03 23:10:39.000 – Susan Barnes,  Summit Volunteer

Some rime on the railing.

This has been an interesting week on the summit, full of different weather days to see. We had fog until Friday evening, then it cleared out, and Saturday and Sunday were great! I went out walking around the summit on Sunday afternoon, when there was almost no wind, but it had started to snow. The only sound was the snow hitting my jacket, it was so neat. I met two hikers who were just starting down from the summit. They were well equipped, looked like they would do well in spite of the snow falling, and would probably finish the hike in the dark. I saw a strange hiker on Saturday, he was carrying a bicycle! I don’t know why he would have it with him, but I’ve been told they get strange types up here sometimes.

Marty had come to accept both of us volunteers. He came up an sat on my lap one night, and seems to be very comfortable around us. We did alot of cooking early in our week, now we’re using up leftovers for lunch. There was a group of five for Saturday night, that meant lunch Saturday & Sunday with supper and breakfast inbetween. They were interesting, and there was lots to talk about at the meals. While I wouldn’t want to have ‘guests’ every night, they did add some spice to the week. The crew was good to work with, they actually appreciated what we prepared each night! This is such an interesting place to stay, I’ll be doing it again.


Susan Barnes,  Summit Volunteer

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