Volunteering on the Summit

2014-12-23 06:09:39.000 – Sue Zlogar, Summit Volunteer


Mike and I have returned for our December “volunteer vacation,” on the Rockpile, with Ryan, Mike, Kaitlyn, Josh and Marty. A frenzy of activity has resulted in homeostasis being put to the test: reconstruction of the sleeping quarters, the first EMS winter hiking trek, and a shortened work week due to the holiday season and Christmas schedules. All that being said they have managed to go with the flow and rewarded us with 3 spectacular sunrises and 2 beautiful sunsets, morning undercasts with alpine glow shining underneath the clouds and dancing on the mountains for oh too brief a moment in time. High winds recorded for the week at 98 mph and spectacular visibility of 130 miles, not too shabby.
Sunrise with undercast 
Rime covered summit 
Crew sitting at the kitchen table
Plenty of treats for the group  
 Crew hanging out in the weather room
Hanging out in the weather room
The EMS hiking group wanted to know what we did when we were up here in addition to evening meals. Well Mike and I are never at a loss for things to do. We enjoy preparing more than evening meals. Mike throws in with the construction crew, I follow people around cleaning anything that doesn’t move (anybody see Marty?), inventory is a constant need, food and other necessary supplies to keep the place running seamlessly need to be logged and noted for the staff, preparation for guests, and being overall good hosts for anyone coming through…and sometimes I go out and do a Happy Dance!
Standing on the summit 
Undercast sunrise 
It is always important to remember that the aforementioned staff are at work from the moment they get up and when they walk through the door of the living quarters and head up the tower to their office, they have gone to their jobs…so one could say we are here as support staff for the efficient use of their time. Their days (and for Ryan the night observer,) are long ones. They are always willing to answer questions but good boundaries make for great friendships and we try and save those questions for dinner, certainly our favorite time of the day. If every family had the joy of supper around the table with the often outrageous story telling and factoid sharing we would be a much healthier society.
Finally the unsung heroes, the ones who get us up where we need to be and down the mountain safely…in all types of weather…Slim and Nate…thank you not just for your skill but for your good humor and kindness.
So please, if you are interested in having a special work vacation with memories to treasure for a lifetime please become a member of the MWOBS family!


Sue Zlogar, Summit Volunteer

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