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2007-09-05 09:07:55.000 – Kurt Renn and John Perez,  Summit Volunteers

Early Morning Clouds

As our last day on the summit as MWO volunteers, we are taking the time to look back and reflect on the week’s experience atop the highest summit in the northeast.

Since this was our first time to Mt Washington as volunteers, we really did not know what to expect. Being weather enthusiasts, the hope was to see some wild weather and indeed we did. From watching the lightning strikes at night over Canada, to thunderstorms unexpectedly popping up just overhead dropping pea to marble size hail that covered the summit, it was what we were hoping for. The weather also provided beautiful days in the clear with spectacular sunrises, sunsets, star gazing and then of course the almost ever present fog. While we did have two days where temps never reached forty degrees and were below freezing a night or two, the rime ice never appeared, which we had hoped for. However, we did get to experience winds gusting in the 70+ MPH range with 10 degree wind chills. Quite refreshing!

We also enjoyed meeting ‘Nin’ the cat, who is definitely a part of the weather observatory family and holds a special place in the hearts of the observatory crew. This experience is one that will not soon be forgotten and leaves us wanting to return one winter to continue the saga atop this very special mountain.Observer Note:Early this morning, Mount Jefferson and Mount Adams had cap clouds forming over them. The one forming over the summit of Mount Jefferson was particularly interesting, Here are a couple pictures:Jefferson Cap Cloud 1Jefferson Cap Cloud 2


Kurt Renn and John Perez,  Summit Volunteers

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