National Weather Service Cooperative Weather Station:
North Conway, NH (NCON3)

  Managed by Mount Washington Observatory Staff & Volunteers


This station, known as NCON3, is one of more than 8,000 weather monitoring sites in the country that are operated by volunteers in the National Weather Service (NWS) Cooperative Observer Program (Coop). The mission of the Coop program, according to NWS is:

  • To provide observational meteorological data, usually consisting of daily maximum and minimum temperatures, snowfall, and 24-hour precipitation totals, required to define the climate of the United States and to help measure long-term climate changes.
  • To provide observational meteorological data in near real-time to support forecast, warning and other public service programs of the NWS.

    Daily CooP observations began in North Conway in 1959 by Joe Dodge, one of the founders of Mount Washington Observatory, at his home on West Side Road. Briggs Bunker followed Dodge making daily observations a short distance away on Pine Street, from 1974 until 2006. Ed Bergeron continued making daily observations at his home on West Side Road until October 2015 when this station was commissioned on October 7, 2015. Now observations of rain, snow and temperature as well as visibility, sky cover and ground conditions are made every morning at 8:00 AM, 365 days a year by MWO staff and volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at this station, or simply want to learn more, please contact


Read the latest monthly summaries from this station to learn about the weather and climate in the Mount Washington Valley:



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For current conditions at NCON3 (unofficial), please visit NCON3’s Rainwise weather station page here. (
This weather station was made possible through a lease from the Conway School District and by grants from:
New Hampshire Electric Coop Foundation, McIninch Foundation, Woodard and Curran Foundation and the Kendal C. and Anna Ham Charitable Foundation. Equipment was also provided by the National Weather Service of Gray, Maine, and RainWise Inc. of Trenton, Maine.