Where Are You Spring?

2013-04-11 17:21:04.000 – Rebecca Scholand,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist


Where are you Spring? After this past off week I was certain spring had arrived. Returning to the summit I realized I was dreaming just a little too much. Although we were able to take the van with chains for a small portion of our commute, the Snow Tractor was still the primary mode of transportation. Once on the summit I was greeted by snow everywhere with only the occasional rock showing from scouring. It was apparent the summit is still very much a winter wonderland. As the days creep closer and closer to May, I know Spring will soon reach the summit too. For now it’s just a waiting game.

Observer footnote: if you’re looking for a fun activity in the Mount Washington Valley, make sure to check out our free Weather Discovery Center. We’re currently featuring a new gallery on loan from Plymouth State University’s Museum of the White Mountains called ‘To the Extremes: The Geology of Adventure in the White Mountains’. The exhibition features 24 photographic and text panels that detail the connections between geological history and recreation in the White Mountains. The Weather Discovery Center is located across the street from the Eastern Slope Inn, in North Conway, and is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.


Rebecca Scholand,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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