Winter Fun In Spring

2013-03-28 18:50:58.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

Northern Presidentials this morning.

Driving through Pinkham Notch during the winter, I always pass a US Forest Service sign that reads ‘The White Mountains Are Winter Fun!’ And in the winter months, I always find myself thinking, ‘Yeah they are!’ However, since it is technically spring, I feel like the sign should now read ‘The White Mountains Are ‘Still’ Winter Fun!’ or ‘The White Mountains Are Winter Fun…Even In Spring!’ But, I’m not one to deface federal or private property, so this is more wishful thinking than anything. However, since there is an extended holiday weekend ahead, this is something visitors to the region should keep in mind; despite what the calendar may say, the White Mountains are still a great place for some ‘winter’ fun.

If you like skiing/snowboarding, the snow at the surrounding resorts is phenomenal and some of the best I’ve skied on this season thanks to some recent late season storms. Even cross country locations should have enough snow to remain open for this holiday weekend. The ravines are filling in and (I’ve been told) are skiable if done responsibly (since the avalanche dangers are still pretty high). Just be sure to check the Avalanche Advisories before venturing into the neighboring bowls. If you snowshoe, the trails around the mountains are still in excellent condition for you to walk on without the risk of falling off the ‘monorail’ much (at least they were when I hiked them last weekend). If you like to hike with crampons and winter gear, the higher summits have you covered as they are still in great condition for you to do this; just make sure you read the forecast and pack accordingly, it is still more winter than spring up here. If you snowmobile, there is still plenty of snow on the trails in the Great North Woods and northern parts of the Mount Washington Valley for you to play on. Sledding and tubing are still very doable. Pretty much anything you like doing during vacations in January/February are all still available to do. However, the milder spring weather makes them much more enjoyable to do (at least in my opinion). So, if you live around the White Mountains or are just visiting for the holiday weekend, hopefully you get out and enjoy some late season activities this season one last time. After all, ‘The White Mountains Are Winter Fun…Even In Spring!’


Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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