Wintry Mix

2011-10-24 23:27:10.000 – Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist


I’m currently in the midst of running up and down our tower repeatedly. No, I’m not attempting to get in a late night (or for me, early afternoon) workout. In fact, a cold front is approaching, and is dumping all sorts of precipitation on the summit.

What started as some light freezing rain quickly turned to ice pellets (sleet), which then began to mix with a unique form of frozen precipitation known as snow pellets. Because we keep a daily log of all weather occurrences, and due to the fact that it’s the night shift and I’m on my own, I’m making several trips outside to check on what the sky has in store for us next. With temperatures hovering right around the 30-32 degree F range, changes back and forth between different precipitation types are a common occurrence, and I’m attempting to stay ahead of those changes.

This is part of the thrill of the night shift-a quiet and relatively placid evening can very quickly take a turn into the chaotic, and it’s up to me, myself, and I (and sometimes Marty as well) to keep on top of things. It’s a challenge that I’m always up to, and I’m always willing on more complex weather scenarios so I can test the limits of my prowess.

While a wintry mix of precipitation keeps me on my toes, this night will be nowhere near (knock on wood) some of the more eventful nights I’ve had over the years. But as always, this mountain does have a way of surprising me, so let’s not count tonight out yet!


Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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