A Glimpse of Winter to Come

2013-09-05 15:31:03.000 – Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

This Morning’s Glaze Ice

The calendar has turned to September, which serves as an excellent reminder that winter can rear its head on the summit at any time during the calendar year. It does not wait for December!

Today was a quintessential example of this. Despite the fact that it is only September 5th, temperatures early this morning fell to 29F behind a passing cold front, which harbored an unseasonably chilly air mass from Canada. With fog teasing the summits during this sub-freezing period, some very light glaze ice began to accumulate during a two-hour time frame this morning. Couple this with winds gusting in excess of 50 mph, and the result is quite a wintry scenario, that could very easily catch one off guard.

Tonight, temperatures are expected to dip even more, bottoming out in the low to mid 20s. Today’s daily record low is 23F, so we are well within reach of that mark tonight. While temperatures are supposed to steadily moderate over the next few days, another cold front with a shot of chilly air is expected early next week.

Stay warm and stay prepared!


Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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