A unique holiday season

2013-11-30 18:25:01.000 – Cyrena Briede,  Director of Summit Operations


We’re always incredibly grateful for the generosity and support of our members and fans through this special time of the year, with this year in particular being pretty unique.Not only is this the week of Thanksgiving, but for our Jewish members and fans, Thanksgiving overlaps with the start of Hanukkah for the first time since 1888. Many religious holidays follow a lunar calendar, which makes their celebration day change slightly from year to year when compared to a Gregorian calendar, the January through December type most of use use on a daily basis (like the 2014 calendars we are now selling!) Apparently, this overlapping of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah won’t happen again for over 79,000 years! Happy Holidays!


Cyrena Briede,  Director of Summit Operations

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